Rettet die Naturvölker e. V. (RdN, Save peoples close to nature) is a human rights organization working to protect indigenous peoples. We have partners in Paraguay, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Tanzania and Malaysia. Save peoples close to nature is the former non-governmental organization “Friends of people close to nature” (FdN). The name change should emphasize that the situation of indigenous people is extremely critical. The new name is also an urgent appeal to support indigenous peoples.

What do we do?

Since 1991 we have been providing preservation aid for the last indigenous peoples, their cultures, values ​​and ways of life. RdN acts to protect endangered hunter-gatherer cultures – including the ancient peoples of the world “Negritos”, “Bushmen”, “Pygmies” and Vedo-Austronesian peoples of South Asia, Australia and Oceania (various tribes of the Veddas and Aborigines) – as well as traditional horticulture supporting Papuans, Melanesians and Indians of tropical natural forest areas.These are ethnic groups organized exclusively on a territorial basis. They live as local groups or in villages without permanent central political authority. They preserve an important heritage of humanity by their existence. This is associated with a variety of languages, religions, economic forms and customs. The focus of RdN’s work is to support projects for the physical and cultural survival of indigenous peoples. These include primarily the protection of “tribal” areas, the promotion of the revival (preservation) of traditional knowledge and lifestyles and their transfer to the younger generation, tribal schools, but also direct aid for survival and refugees. In addition, RdN conducts active public relations, initiates and supports campaigns. For this we need your will to donate.

There’s a newspaper articel by Stefanie Millius / “Zeitungsverlag Schwerin GmbH & Co. KG, Schweriner Volkszeitung, Gutenbergstr. 1, 19061 Schwerin” on 05.05.2014: freunde_der_naturvoelker – Jeder Tag in Freiheit ist ein Geschenk (PDF 4,5 MB)

Why this website?

Our political independence and work is mainly secured through donations. We want to use our website to raise awareness, inform about the affected people and the projects funded by your donations and to motivate you to join us!