Rettet die Naturvölker e.V. (RdN) is a charitable registered human rights organization. Our political independence and work is mainly secured through donations.Especially in tropical countries we work with local partners for the preservation and continuation of cultural diversity. In particular, we support hunters and collectors of traditional living, but also horticulturalists of the tropical rainforests of South America and Melanesia in their struggle for cultural survival, as demanded by UNESCO. The UNESCO Charter of International Cultural Policy anchors the human right to cultural self-determination in international law. Like UNESCO, we regard cultural diversity as worth preserving as biodiversity on our planet. This means that securing one’s livelihood and identity is a top priority for the preservation of cultures.Again and again we hear desperate calls for help from primitive peoples, caused by habitat-destroying projects (mining, land development by roads, clearing for livestock and plantations, …). That is why we help them to destroy influences that destroy their culture through the machinations of large-scale agribusiness, governments of nation-states and others. We work with ethnologists, authors / journalists and activists who carry the work of FdN. With them more than 20 years of experience not only at the desk, but also in the field among the local people.RdN was founded in 1991 as a Friends of the Naturvölker e.V. (FdN) from former active members of the Society for Threatened Peoples e.V. (GfbV). Reasons were u.a. above all, the marginalization of the most sensitive of all cultures, the hunter-gatherer peoples, in the politics and work of the GfbV. The focus of the GfbV is to 90 percent (statistics of press releases) in the so-called large peoples such as Sinti and Roma, Tibetans, Kurds or religious communities, such as the Iraqi Christians.

For the renaming in Rettet den Naturvölker e.V. on 01.01.2017 spoke the following: The previous name Friends of the primitive peoples e.V. radiated to very harmony and romance and did not let recognize the drama that are exposed to primitive peoples. Already by the name of the association should be to recognize, what we are concrete. “Rescue” is a haunting appeal (Apell) and sounds more active, which makes it very clear that the situation of primitive peoples is extremely critical.Since 2012 we are a member of the West Papua Network (WPN, As the WPN always provides up-to-date information on the situation in the western part of New Guinea, which is illegally occupied by Indonesia, we have not updated our website for reasons of capacity and is offline.